How to save fuel on the motorway – 11 Tips that work

Remember the good ol’: Everybody wants to rule the world? It’s a great tune; no one can disagree with that statement. However, most folks dream simple dreams. In other words: they’d rather know how to save fuel on the motorway!

Since things are so simple, there’s no way we can ignore answering the question. It would be totally unjust, right? Right. That’s why we’ve put down a list of 11 tips that’ll help you save money. In other words: they’ll help you save fuel on the motorway!

You might wanna try leaving unnecessary cargo at home. Also, if the roof/bicycle rack’s not needed, take it off! Weight will only increase your fuel consumption. Also, plan out your trips carefully and consider the traffic. That way, you’ll be in total control of your fuel spending.

Don’t you just stand there! Feel free to keep on scrollin’ until there’s nothing to see but the end margin!

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Driving on the motorway 101 (FAQ)

Why should we miss answering some FAQs concerning the topic of driving on the motorway? It’ll serve as sort of an intro before the main dish. Anyway, here’s what folks like to type into their Google search bars!

Is it easy to drive on a motorway?

Inexperienced drivers might find driving on a motorway a bit intimidating. However, they’ll quickly see that their fears were downright artificial. We’ve got certain facts to back that up. Research shows that most folks find driving on motorways a very pleasant experience. They even prefer it over driving on other roads!

What is better for motorway driving petrol or diesel?

Okay, so you’ll wanna know that diesel engines are more fit for lengthier motorway trips. Why? Well, they’re not working that hard as gasoline engines. Still, they “produce” equal performance. So, yeah, you can say good fuel economy’s on their side.

If you’re wondering what to do if diesel fuel gels… Yeah, feel free to follow that link!

How often should you take a diesel car on the motorway?

Good question! Even though the answer’s a bit unexpected. Here’s what’s recommended you do every once in a while:

  • Ride your diesel car for about half an hour to 50 minutes at sustained speed on a motorway. Alternatively, it can be an A-road. Why’s this good? It will help you clear the filters of harmful debris. 

All in all: take your diesel car for a half-hour to 50-min ride on the motorway. Do this every now and then to keep those filters spotless.

Do you burn more fuel on the motorway?

Let’s ask you a question: where do you think folks burn most fuel? Urban areas (in which you move at about 20 mph during rush hour) or motorways? Here’s the answer: it’s definitely not the latter. On motorways, you can leave your vehicle in top gear and snuggly ride using minimum fuel. So, yeah, you burn more fuel on ultra-urban roads!

Okay, that’s about it for the FAQ section concerning motorways and fuel usage! Now let’s consider our main topic: how to save fuel on the motorway! Here are the 11 tips you’ve been waiting for!

A fuel pump on the motorway and a mountain.

How to save fuel on the motorway – 11 tips that work

Okay, so shall we begin this fuel-saving adventure? Before we do, just know that these tips will save you a fortune in the long run. Read with care! Oh, and here are some other fuel-related tips on saving money.

#1 Subtle acceleration

The thing is: the harder you press on the pedal, the more fuel you’ll waste. While you’re still in the city, be subtle with the accelerator pedal. You’ll wanna take about 5 seconds to reach 20 mph from a halt. Here’s a quick idea on how to do it:

  • Just picture there’s a steaming cup of hot coffee on the dashboard. Now, you don’t wanna burn yourself, do you? Yup, so just take it slow! 

Being subtle’s everything! After all, life hasn’t taught us it’s the other way around!

#2 Get rid of unnecessary cargo

Needless to mention, try not to overburden your vehicle. The less it weighs, the more your fuel efficiency will be. So, yeah, what about that snowboarding gear stuck in the trunk? If you’re not going snowboarding, why should you carry it?

PS. We’ve used snowboarding equipment only as an example. If this or that doesn’t serve any purpose on your trip, leave it at home! There’s simply no reason to carry something that’s of no use. Which makes us wonder: oh, and what about roof racks?

#3 What about roof racks?

Speaking of unnecessary weight… Does your vehicle have a roof rack? Will you absolutely need it for your trip? If the answer’s NO, you might wanna take it off. The same goes for bicycle racks.

It’s not just the weight we’re talking about here. It’s also the so-called aerodynamic drag that puts some pressure on your tank. In other words: it boosts fuel consumption greatly. So, yeah, keep that in mind!

#4 Know what you’re getting into

Always have a clear idea of what’s going on in the traffic that surrounds you. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a motorway or inside a more urban setting. The main point is that you should be aware of what other vehicles are doing. Also, you’ll wanna imagine what they’ll do next. Not only is this the safer option, but you’ll also keep your speed steady.

#5 Keep track of your fuel consumption

Here’s a little trick you’ll want to write down. The thing is to challenge yourself to refill just when it’s absolutely necessary. That’s about it for this one! Oh, and we almost forgot! We’ve got an article published on how far can you go with the fuel light on! Check it out!

#6 There’s no rush

Did you know that your car spends 20% more fuel at 120 km/h than at 100 km/h? A quick disclaimer: we’ve had miles upstairs, now it’s kilometers. After, this is an international website! Anyway, there’s really no need to drive at high speeds. Not to mention that it’s definitely the safest way to handle your vehicle!

All in all: on a small trip, you’d lose good amounts of fuel for a 5-10 minute difference. Now, if that ain’t a waste of fuel, we don’t know what is!

#7 The A/C issue

Needless to say, your car’s A/C system can put some good ol’ pressure on your fuel tank. Now, when you’re using air conditioning, make sure it’s on the re-circulate option. If you’re on a motorway, the window option‘s not any good. Remember the aerodynamic drag we’ve talked about? However, if you’re driving in the city, rolling down the windows is your best bet.

#8 Coast instead of braking

Did you know that each time you use brakes, you say goodbye to your forward momentum? Now that you do, here’s a suggestion. Look ahead and consider the traffic. You’ll very well see when it’s time to slow down (instead of abrupt braking). Simply get your foot off the accelerator pedal and coast!

#9 Plan, plan, plan

This might be a spinoff of the famous song from The Byrds (Turn, turn, turn). Quite a familiar tune, right? Whether you remember that one or not – it doesn’t matter! However, what matters great is how you plan your journey! Trust us, you don’t wanna waste fuel on taking wrong turns, etc.

Make sure you know where you’re going and how you’ll get there! Also, you’ll wanna track traffic reports and avoid any accidents or road construction. Basically, anything that can obstruct your planned route!

Additionally, planning out the journey completely will help on many levels. You’ll feel a lot safer and in control! Aside from spending funds you’d otherwise waste on fuel, of course!

#10 Proper use of manual transmission, anyone?

You’ll wanna pay close attention to the tachometer. Why’s this important? Well, here’s the reason:

  • you’ll use the info just so you know when to shift a manual transmission for the greatest gas efficiency. Here’s the thing: the higher rpm you see, the more fuel’s burned by your engine. 

#11 Measure your tires pressure every now and then (each month)

Okay, so it’d be best if you were to do this each month. You don’t want to drive a car with under-inflated tires. It can greatly increase fuel consumption! Where does one find the info on the right tire pressure for a particular car model? It should be on the tire information placard. Check the edge of your driver’s seat doors or the doorpost.

And that, folks, was the last tip we’ve had in store for today! Here are some additional tips on how to save money on diesel fuel!

Final words

Okay, so that’s it about the how-to-save-fuel-on-the-motorway tips and other info! Hopefully, your fuel costs will lower once you implement some of the tips from upstairs! Being more fuel-efficient is the way of the future! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t hop on that train!

For more tips on various gasoline-related topics, visit our blog page! Until next time!