How to save on gasoline costs – 15 Tricks you need to know

If you were to ask your average driver is gasoline expensive, what would be the answer? Let’s assume we’re all familiar with the most likely response. This one’s something you’d call a no-brainer if there ever was one. Rare are those who’d try to disprove this.

In addition to being expensive, gasoline’s one of the most widely used “products” on Earth. Even in the poorest regions of the world, people require gasoline to run their IE engines. Whether you’re poor or rich – there’s a good chance you want to learn how to save on gasoline costs. You can say that’s a common denominator for both of society’s echelons. That being said, feel free to read the article that’s in front of you, regardless of class!

Use apps to detect nearby stations that sell cheap gas. If your car doesn’t require it, avoid using premium gas. Also, buy gas on Mondays and Tuesdays when the prices are cheapest. Slow down and gradually accelerate – that will save you some fuel. Lastly, try doing a side hustle (surveyed, for instance) to earn some quick gas money.

That’s not even close to what we’ve prepared for you today! Continue reading to get the gist of what we’re trying to say!

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Introduction: How much do folks spend on gas each month?

Before we start counting those tips (something a waiter would probably say), let’s see some info. We want to know how much the average person is spending on gasoline each month. Here’s a cruel estimate: somewhere between $150 (137 €) and $200 (182 €). Now, this number will depend on three factors:

  • Where are you located? If you’re in the USA (where the above info is coming from), the price differs from state to state. Some states are way above the average number, some are well-bellow it.
  • How much do you drive each month? The average US citizen drives about 1,200 miles per month. It’s only natural that your gasoline budget will depend on how much you drive.
  • What kind of fuel grade does your car require? Premium gasoline is known to be the most expensive kind. You’ll usually pay around a 30 to 60 cents higher price per gallon. For more info on different types of gas check this article out.

As we’ve already said, how much you’ll spend is a purely subjective thing. However, one can’t avoid the fact that gasoline isn’t cheap. That’s exactly why we’ve prepared these tips for you today. Stay tuned!

A gas station with three gas pumps.


How to save on gasoline costs – 15 Tricks you need to know

Okay, so it’s time to start the “countdown”. Here are the 15 tricks we’ve promised to show you!

#1 Apps to the rescue

Nowadays, you’ll agree, there are apps for just about anything you can think of. That being said, there are apps that tell you where in your surroundings can you find cheap gas. How does that sound?

They’re also good when you’re planning a cross-country trip. You’ll be able to plan your gas station stops in accordance with the info you get. GasBuddy is an ideal example of a useful app!

#2 Avoid buying premium

If you’ve read the article we’ve linked in the intro section, you know the following fact. Most cars don’t require you to use premium gasoline. In other words: they won’t run any better or worse than they would on regular gasoline.

As we’ve said, premium gas isn’t cheap. If your car’s manual doesn’t demand you use it, just avoid it! Many folks use premium thinking it’ll somehow boost their vehicle’s performance. The truth’s a bit different: you’ll necessarily waste funds!

#3 Take part in online surveys

Here at GasAnwer, you have the opportunity to take part in online surveys and earn a bit of good ol’ gas money. A quick side hustle like this won’t make you rich, but it will help you save some funds. If you like voicing your opinion on different topics, it’s a perfect “job” for you!

#4 Monday ain’t so dreadful (Tuesday neither)

You’ll want to fill your tank up early in the week. Why? Certain analyses tell us gas prices tend to reach the lowest points on Mondays and Tuesdays. See? Even gas prices don’t like Mondays.

Avoid filling your tank on weekends. That’s, of course, when gas prices are most expensive.

#5 Sharing is caring (and also costs you less)

Are any of your co-workers at the same time your neighbors? If they are, why shouldn’t you share rides? Take turns during the week. Also, team up with other parents. Organize carpool when your kids have school or after-school activities. You’ll probably cut your gas expenses in half.

As they say: sharing is caring! Your ideas will probably land on fertile soil. Many similar-minded folks will see them as an opportunity to save on gas.

#6 Cut idle time

Avoid starting the car and then waiting for some time before anyone shows up. Or, for instance, stopping to check your navigation. Make sure you’re ready to get once you kick-start your car’s engine. Idling makes you waste more gas than necessary and also pollutes the atmosphere.

#7 It’s simple – slow down

Ever heard this one: the faster you drive, the more fuel you waste? As if someone needs to teach you that one, right? Anyway, don’t rush. Driving just under the speed limit can pay off greatly (financially speaking). Also, by driving slower, you’re increasing the safety of your passengers (and yourself).

#8 Save a bit on heater and A/C

We know, we know. The summers can be pretty cruel, winter isn’t easy either. Keep in mind, though, using your heater and A/C will greatly affect your fuel economy. Now, even if you pull your windows down – that can increase gas consumption. In other words: wind resistance from open windows will create a drag on your car.

Here’s what you can do:

  • when you’re driving at low speeds, cool down by lowering the windows.
  • driving on the highway or above 30 mph (48 kmph)? Turn the A/C.

This is a proven way of keeping your car cool and saving on gas at the same time.

#9 The gas cap issue

Check to see if your gas cap is tightly sealed. A loose gas cap can reduce the efficiency of your fuel. Also, it can allow the gas to evaporate a bit from your tank. Not to mention it pollutes the air greatly.

If you’re interested in learning more about the topic, click right here. These are all valuable tips on how to save on gasoline costs.

#10 Got racks?

Are you sporting a bicycle or ski rack? Feel free to remove it. You’ll want to know that racks create extra weight and wind resistance. Needless to mention, both of which reduce your gas levels.

#11 Opt for a more efficient car

It’s an investment, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run. How does one decide on a more efficient car? See that your next car is the one with a higher MPG (miles per gallon) rating. Also, consider the option of buying a hybrid car (or even – an electric one). By choosing the latter, you won’t have to worry about buying gas again.

Lastly, a car with a manual transmission is known to be more fuel-efficient than an automatic one. Not to mention that driving a manual car is way cooler.

#12 See if everything’s alright with tire pressure

Did you know that sporting underinflated tires can decrease your gas levels? According to the US Department of Energy, you waste somewhere near 2 cents per gallon. Where to search for the ideal tire pressure for your vehicle? Consult the owner’s manual.

#13 Cash vs. card

Certain petrol statins charge a cheaper price per gallon if you pay with cash. They do this so they can avoid card processing fees. There are some stations that will let you purchase gas for the cash price if you use a debit card. However, don’t count on it.

#14 Accelerate slowly

Here’s another one of these gas slogans: the faster you accelerate, the more gas you waste. That being said, you should try being gradual when speeding up, or slowing down. Press gently on that pedal when you’re trying to reach your highway speed. 

Also, you’ll earn greater mileage by coasting more. Take your foot off the gas pedal a little early, and steadily glide to a stop.

#15 Plan your routes in advance

By planning your shopping trips or similar drives you’ll decrease your drive time. For instance, if the shop you’re planning to visit is near your job, do your shopping once your shift’s over. It’s way better than waiting until the weekend and wasting more gas. Not to mention you’ll have more free time to enjoy yourself with your family or friends.

Parting thoughts

That’s about it for today, dear readers! We hope you’ve had fun reading this piece on how to save on gasoline costs! With these 15 tricks, you’ll save some hard-earned money, instead of wasting it on gas.

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