How to clean a lawn mower gas tank – 11 Easy cleaning tips

You should always organize and cleanse your lawn mower. Especially for the start of the new mowing season. No matter if you have a riding lawn mower or walk after string trimmer. Try to hold it in great form so that you can employ it for years. How to clean a lawn mower gas tank – 11 Easy cleaning tips – Read on for more!

Always keep in mind that grass and small pieces of debris can accumulate between tiny parts of the motor. That can induce overheating, motor impairment, or sabotage your control of the speed. So, make sure you mind the manufacturer’s teachings carefully. Also, clean your unit from time to time, and use the advisable oil and fuel types. With all this, you shouldn’t have any other problems with the function of your machine.

Utilize a baster to clear loose waste. If you see a crack, replace the tank with the original manufacturer’s tools. Examine the fuel filter for waste or residues.

Table of Contents

#1 Cleanse the deck of the lawn mower

The deck beneath your lawn mower is the confined lodging where the blade spins. That part isn’t quite visible. Also, there is no aesthetic logic for cleansing it at all. Moreover, you should clean it to support your unit interpretation.

What if parched grass clippings are stuck there? That might deflect the blades and undermine effective cutting. The best alternative is to clean this part of your mower no less than twice during each mowing season. Don’t overlook doing this at the end of the season too. This goes without saying, by all means!

The process itself is not too demanding. After emptying the gas tank, detach the spark plug wire, and stand the mower up on the side. This is a significant step! Wash all the features by utilizing a garden hose. Next, clean the leftover dirt with heated water, soap, and a brush. Last but certainly not least, dry all the parts ultimately.

#2 Cleanse the motor of the lawn mower

Before you begin cleaning the engine of your lawnmower, you should remove the spark plug to prevent the accidental starting of the unit. Then, remove the engine screen and detach the blower housing.

To do the job correctly, you need a garden hose reel and an engine degreaser. Coldwater, degreaser, and a brush are usually enough to clean the engine of the average mower. To avoid forcing small pieces of debris into inaccessible parts of the engine, don’t use compressed air for cleaning.

Take care that the engine is entirely cold before you begin washing it. Avoid cleaning corroded plugs. They are not worth bothering. Just replace them.

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Don’t forget to wash the radiator cooling fins from the ruins, the flywheel fins, and the inside of the blower housing with a bristle brush. The simplest way is to spray a strong jet of water on it.

Also, carefully clean the mower choke, throttle linkages, and terminals on the battery. Lubricate the battery posts and fittings on the mower deck to prevent corrosion. You can expect the engine to run more efficiently after cleaning.

#3 Cleanse the engine spark plugs

The filthy spark plugs may stem the happening of spark and extra starting the unit. Therefore, you should clean or change them when necessary. To scrub these pieces nicely, release the black wire and the spark plug straight from the mower.

Spread the spark plug with the brake purifier and let it stay for a couple of minutes. Don’t ignore cleaning the spark plug metal lines by utilizing a wire brush. Reprise the approach until dismissing as much soil and remains as possible.

A lawn mower on a sunny day beneath a small hill.

#4 Cleanse the fuel system of the lawn mower

Let’s say your lawn mower doesn’t operate as it used to and makes more racket than normal. In that case, you presumably need to cleanse the fuel line. Make sure to find the gas system on the bottom of the unit. Then, empty your gas tank, and prepare yourself for starting the maintenance.

Make certain that the engine is turned off and remove the spark plug tip. After, uncover the gas valve at the bottom of the gas tank, and then turn it off. Review the tank before anything else. If it is impaired or has any notches, don’t try to repair it. This goes without saying! There is no other resolution besides replacing it.

After that, begin cleaning a fuel system from filters and flues. Do that by utilizing an air hose with a nozzle. You don’t require any dust, wood scrap, small rocks, or grass there. Why? That is because the paths in the carburetor are genuinely small. Moreover, pure fuel is the greatest requirement.

#5 Cleanse the carburetor of the lawn mower

The rusty or blocked carburetor will sabotage your unit for sure. This goes without saying! If you spot any indication of decay, you will require to replace that part. If it is just sludgy, you can cleanse it fast by yourself.

Detach all the parts and put them in a plastic container with carburetor cleaner for around one hour. Then flush the pieces with cold water. Next, think about drying them. Dry them by employing consolidated air. Keep in mind that the carburetor requires to be fully dry before reassembling. This is the unwritten rule!

#6 Cleanse the air filter

Typically, you should cleanse the air filter paper after you mow your yard up to 3 times. If your mower utilizes the foam pre-filter, what then? In that case, you should wash it after 25 hours of operating.

After extracting the cover of the filter, cleanse the waste near the air filter surface. Cleanse dust near the air filter to evade dirt that comes inside the filter itself. Then release the air filter with caution! After, utilize the liquid dish detergent to scrub it. Last but certainly not least, dry it lightly with a paper towel. This step is over!

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To cleanse the paper filter, you are supposed to firmly tap it manually. Do this in order to ease most of the soil and dust. Take care not to tap it during the procedure as that won’t be so good. Often, it is a better choice to empty the old paper filter and get the new one instead. This is a must!

Keep in your senses that the air filter is an essential part of the unit. Let’s say that you let your mower works without this part? If that is the case, there is a chance of extreme motor damage. Be mindful of that!

#7 Cleanse the blades of the lawn mower

Maintaining the blades of your mower harsh, sharp, and neat is a vital point for your lawn. The procedure of cleaning is quite straightforward, by all means. Simply rinse blades off with a powerful jet of h2o. The only tool for this approach is a hose with a proper nozzle extension.

What if you require to pull out some debris manually? In that case, NEVER overlook using protective gloves. This is important for your security! Lastly, be cautious to manage the sharp blades carefully.

#8 Load up the tank

The final phase is to load the tank with gasoline. Refill the tank with new instead of old fuel. Old gasoline may be the root of the problem. Sipping the old gasoline will destroy all the work you just put in. Always keep this in mind!

Also, always review the fuel level. A fuel level that is overly high will unquestionably damage your tank.

#9 Cleanse with acetone cleaner

  • spew a quantity of acetone inside the tank
  • shake it for a few moments to see
  • after that, pour out the cleanser

#10 Cleanse with rocks

  • pick some little-sized gravel or rock
  • place them in the tank of the machine
  • incorporate a tiny amount of gas or kerosene with these
  • after all that is done, jiggle the tank side to side

#11 Maintain the fuel tank

It is not always essential to cleanse your gas tank. The previous steps are solely crucial if you haven’t used them for more than a couple of months. Or perhaps if the mower is not operating well enough.

To hold the tank long-lasting without any problems, there are a few tips. It is advisable to always employ fresh fuel and keep the gas at the advisable level. To reach the proper fuel level, gradually and steadily pour in the oil. Make sure to stop right before the “whole” mark on the dipstick. Or perhaps the pinpoint of the oil loading hole.

Final thoughts

Totally cleaned, your lawnmower will last a lifetime. That’s for sure! All that without any noteworthy issues and extra costs. Prep your lawn for the forthcoming season and relish your lovely yard. Enjoy!