How much gas money do you save with a Tesla?

Here’s a question. Can you guess what every Tesla owner thinks before buying their trusty vehicle? We’ll answer instead of you: oh, dear, just imagine how much gas money will I save with this baby. It’s not a word-by-word transcription, but it hits home. Anyway, today we’ll talk about just how much gas money you save with a Tesla!

Of course, folks buying Tesla aren’t solely motivated by the whole money-saving thing. There are other reasons that “help” folks reach the decision to buy a Tesla. For instance, trying to do something for the environment might be one of them. We’ll cover that too in the text that you’re about to read.  Stay tuned!

The average cost of powering your Tesla EV will be about $2000 a year. That would be the pressure on your electricity bill plus charging at the stations. However, it’s still cheaper than paying for gas all year round. To be more precise, you’ll save about $800-1000 per year sporting a Tesla car. 

Okay, we’ll just say that reading only the preview shouldn’t be an option. Therefore, you shouldn’t stop right here. Read the whole thing!

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Do any Teslas use gas?

So, we’ve mentioned that most future Tesla owners dream of saving gas. Let’s see if we got some info to back that up. Also, do any Teslas use gas? If the answer’s a YES, our assumption’s a bit wrong. Shall we take a closer look?

Nope, no Tesla vehicles use gas. You won’t see a single Tesla car that runs on gasoline. Also, keep in mind that Tesla never offered the market a gas-powered car. These vehicles are hundred-percent electric and always have been. So, yeah, the answer’s a NO.

Additionally, Tesla didn’t have any plans to introduce a gasoline-powered vehicle. Not even a hybrid model. Anyway, Tesla’s models possess electric motors instead of your standard combustion engines. Electric engines are designed to suck energy from electric batteries. These batteries consist of pretty much countless lithium-ion cells.

Another word or two about how Tesla cars function. The batteries are connected to the vehicle’s motor. These motors are more powerful and lighter than the so-called internal combustion engines.

All in all: if anyone asks you do any Teslas use gas, your answer should be a definite NO.

Okay, but Tesla vehicles still use gas backup, right?

To answer this one in the simplest manner: NO. Once again the answer’s a strict NO. Here’s the thing: Tesla cars haven’t got anything to do with gasoline fuel systems. Of course, it would somehow make sense to possess a gasoline-powered engine as a backup. However, that’s not the case.

What happens if you put gas in a Tesla?

Oh, not again. Okay, we’ll answer this one too before we kick-start some serious talk. So, what would happen if you were to put gas in a Tesla? Hey, here’s a better way to ask this one:

  • Is it even possible to sip gasoline in a Tesla?

As one could’ve easily assumed, nope, it’s not possible to sip gas in a Tesla. There’s no gas tank inside a Tesla, so sipping gas inside it is a pretty absurd idea. Not only absurd but very dangerous since gasoline’s highly flammable. If it comes into contact with an electric vehicle, a catastrophe might happen. So, yeah, don’t try anything funny, as they say.

Also, since Tesla models don’t have tanks, you won’t have to worry about rust. Speaking of which, here’s how to clean a tank full of rust. Okay, so now we know some basic info about Tesla cars. Let’s see just how much gas money you save with a Tesla!

A white Tesla car that will save you plenty of gas money.

How much gas money do you save with a Tesla?

If you’re planning to buy a Tesla, this info will prove pretty useful to you. Without further ado, let’s see how much gas money you can save with a Tesla! For additional tips on saving gas money, click right here.

Even though EVs (Electric Vehicles) cost more right at the beginning, they’re worth it. In other words: they’ve got special “methods” to pay their trusty owners back the money invested. One of these methods concerns the money you’d spend by sporting a gas-powered vehicle. So, how much exactly?

First of all, here’s some not-so-fortunate information. By avoiding paying for gas with a Tesla, you’ll have to finance your electricity bills. Anyway, know that the average cost of powering your Tesla is about $2.000 a year. You’ll be happy to know that’s still lower than paying for gas all year round. To be precise, you’ll yearly save about $800 to $1.000 on average.

Also, let’s not forget to mention this. If you’re currently driving a bigger gas-powered car, your savings could be greater. Want to know the exact number? Simply subtract $2.310 from your average yearly cost of gasoline. That’s your average cost of driving 15k miles inside a Tesla.

So, there you have it, you’ll save about a thousand bucks yearly by driving a Tesla. Now don’t tell that ain’t something! Anyway, let’s see if there are other advantages to driving a Tesla!

Other benefits of driving a Tesla

Besides saving money, here are some additional benefits to sporting a Tesla vehicle. Oh, and here’s where you’ll want to browse for these cars.

#1 Tesla vehicles are cheaper & easier to maintain

That’s right, you’ll be happy to know that they’re also cheaper to maintain. That’s because there isn’t much that can go wrong with Tesla engines. Why’s that so? Well, EV engines possess only two moving parts. Your typical internal combustion engine has much more.

Also, the absence of timing belts, motor oil, or spark plugs, is a good thing for Tesla. Because? Because it makes your Tesla EV about 40% less costly to repair & maintain. Forty percent less costly than regular cars, that is. Oh, and since we’ve mentioned motor oil, here’s whether your car will drive better after an oil change.

However, there’s a small downside. Electrical vehicles cost somewhere around 15% more to insure, on average.

#2 Tesla vehicles are the eco-friendly option

Well, who could’ve guessed this one? Okay, jokes aside, Tesla allows you to drive without any guilt. You won’t find yourself ruminating about what you’re doing to the planet Earth. Well, it’s not like other drivers do, but still. You’ll feel a whole lot better.

Here’s a cool fact:

  • Studies show that Teslas prevent the creation of over 5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. If that ain’t something great, we don’t know what is! 

Oh, and here’s another thing. Others might follow your example. We’re talking about your friends, family & relatives, colleagues, or just about anyone. All in all: drive without guilt and inspire other folks! The more people drive electric cars, the healthier our planet is.

#3 Tesla vehicles hold their value

Studies have shown that newer long-range Teslas are able to hold their value with much effort. They’re able to hold their value just like regular gas-powered vehicles. That’s because newer models are able to drive for 200 miles or more on a single (full) charge.

#4 Tesla vehicles have a great battery life

Don’t worry about Teslas having some issues with maintaining their battery life. Don’t worry because they don’t have any such issues.

You’ll rarely encounter a problem with their battery range. That’s especially evident when you’re driving short distances. What about long-distance driving? As we’ve already mentioned, Teslas can withstand long distances on a single charge. You won’t have to worry about it as some models can cross as far as 310 miles.

However, there’s something we have to mention. There might be variations in Tesla’s battery life thanks to the outside conditions. We’re talking about external factors like winds, bad roads, or extra steep-hill friction. If you run into any of these – there’s a chance you’ll get less mileage.

With batteries, you won’t have to worry about wasting fuel. While we’re on the subject, here’s what causes a car to waste a lot of gas.

#5 Tesla vehicles are among the safest on the market

Did you know that NTHSA gave every Tesla model a five-star rating in each of the safety categories? NTHSA is short for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It’s an agency you don’t want to mess around with.

Anyway, many car experts are saying that Teslas are the safest cars in the world. We’re sorry, Volvo! If you’re a driver whose number one priority is peace of mind, Tesla’s made for you. These cars have fantastic camera systems & blind-spot detection. They’re designed to automatically brake once they notice you’re in danger.

Speaking of safety, here’s whether you’re able to store gasoline in plastic bags.

#6 Tesla vehicles can be charged at home

We’ll take a guess and say that you haven’t got a gas pump at your home. No? We thought so. Anyway, there was never an easier way to refuel your car. Also, it’s pretty affordable:

  • When charging your car at home, a full charge will cost you about $15. 

How does that sound? It sounds pretty darn good.

Final thoughts on the amount of gas money you’ll save with a Tesla

Alright, folks. That’s about all there’s to say about the amount of gas money you’ll be able to save with a Tesla. Now you see that obtaining a Tesla doesn’t seem as costly as it did before. Before you knew the information we’ve shared with you above. Anyway, if you’re looking for more tips on gasoline-related subjects, visit this page.