Does diesel fuel stain clothes?

Since you ask this question, we reckon you’ve never had the chance to deal with diesel stains. For all you know, diesel fuel mightn’t even stain the clothes. Now, we’re only kidding; no one’s that counterintuitive. It’s just basic common sense: fuel will most definitely stain the clothes.

Okay, let’s finish questioning common sense or something. There are more important issues we can tackle. For instance, how does one clean diesel stains? Or: if it’s even possible to clean ’em? If you came here looking for answers, you’re at the right address! In the text below, we’ll show you how diesel fuel stains clothes and ways you can deal with the issue!

That’s right! Diesel fuel won’t have any mercy on your clothes! Not only will it leave a stain, but it’ll also make your clothes pretty smelly. However, there are ways you can use household items to handle the issue. Pouring some Listerine onto your clothes before washing them is just one of the tricks.

There’s nothing stopping you from reading the rest, right? Right.

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Diesel fuel 101 (FAQ)

Before we dig deeper, it’s time for everyone’s favorite FAQ section. Here we’ll tackle some of the most frequent questions folks like to ask Google. Of course, they’re all centered around a single topic and that’s diesel fuel! Let’s begin!

What do I need to know about diesel fuel?

Okay, so let’s see some interesting diesel-fuel-related facts you might wanna know:

  • Diesel fuel ain’t so flammable. It’s due to the fact it has a much higher flash point than other fuels. Still, one can never be too careful with any type of fuel.
  • Diesel fuel invention was a result of a trial & error process. It was first made by none other than Rudolf Diesel. He, of course, made the first diesel engine, too.
  • Diesel engines function differently than petroleum engines. Here’s the catch: cylinders inside a diesel engine are pre-heated. Also, they don’t possess any spark plugs.
  • Diesel allows greater levels of lubricity than regular fuel. In other words: you’ll enjoy a smaller number of engine repairs.

Those were some fun facts about diesel fuel! Another question: are you looking for ways to save money on diesel fuel? If so, follow the highlighted link! Let’s see what else’s in store!

What are the five components of a diesel fuel system?

We’ve seen the 4 facts about diesel fuel, now let’s check out the 5 components of a diesel fuel system. Here are the essentials:

  • the tank. Made out of aluminum alloys or sheet metal; made to withstand the corrosive effects of fuel.
  • the fuel transfer pump. Its purpose is to suck the fuel out of the tank and transfer it to the injection pump. Sometimes – it’s located inside the tank itself.
  • filters. They’re put between the two pumps (transfer/injection). They remove dirt, debris, and other things that could easily harm the injection system.
  • the injection pump. Its main task is to compress the fuel that’s being prepared for injection.
  • the injection nozzles. Their purpose is to distribute fuel into the good ol’ combustion chamber.

Anything else? See the paragraph below!

What’s the difference between #1 and #2 diesel?

Now, here’s one everyone asked themselves at least once! What do those numbers represent? Okay, so here’s the explanation:

  • #1 diesel fuel is most commonly known as winter diesel. Needless to say, it gives better results during colder weather. That is, better than its competitor. All in all: it doesn’t gel. Speaking of gelling, here’s an article you’ll wanna read about it.
  • #2 diesel fuel is less volatile than #1. Therefore, you’ll get better fuel economy using it. Also, it’ll cost you less at the gas station.

Okay, so that’s enough of that! When we say that, we mean the FAQ section! It’s time to dig deep into our main question: does diesel fuel stain clothes?

A man with a diesel stain on his gray T-shirt.

Does diesel fuel stain clothes?

As we’ve implied in the intro section, diesel fuel undeniably stains your clothes. But, let’s elaborate a bit more on that stance. The thing is: diesel fuel doesn’t just stain your clothes. It makes ’em smelly as well. Not to mention it might make your washing machine smell like rotten eggs.

Rotten eggs?

Yup, that’s right! You’ll wanna know that diesel fuel contains sulfur. If you’re using low-quality diesel, it might just mean it contains more sulfur. In other words: it’ll be a lot smellier than high-quality diesel. Sometimes it’s the engine that smells, sometimes it’s your clothes/washing machine.

How to treat diesel fuel stain on clothing?

Okay, so now that we know all of this, what’s there to be done about it? You’ll have to employ certain household remedies! We’ll show you a couple of ways you can conduct the diesel fuel stain removal process. Stay tuned for some pretty useful strategies!

Methods of diesel fuel stain removal

There are a couple of easy, yet cheap ways you can go about this. First, we might wanna see them all in one place. Just so you get the picture of what kind of items we’ll be using! So, there they are:

  • #1 solution: baking soda and vinegar.
  • #2 solution: baking soda and Cola.
  • #3 solution: Listerine.
  • #4 solution: Fast Orange hand cleaner.

There’s a fair chance you’ve got most of these inside your home. That being said, everyone can do this without much hassle? So, what are we waiting for? Let’s see those “recipes” for diesel fuel stain removal!

PS. All of the mentioned will also take good care of the smell! Trust us!

Solution #1 (baking soda and vinegar)

Using only these two ingredients, you’ll be able to get rid of diesel fuel stains on clothes! How’s that even possible? Well, did you know that baking soda and its trusty friend here – vinegar are natural deodorizers? They’re best buddies when it comes to breaking down oils. However, don’t get easily discouraged if it doesn’t work the first time! It might take a couple of tries before the stain & odor combo’s out! 

Okay, so here’s the plan:

  • The process is pretty much the same as when you do your laundry. You’ll wanna replace the detergent with the baking soda & vinegar combo. See if you can use approximately the same amount of substance. That’s pretty much it! 

Solution #2 (baking soda and Cola)

This might seem a bit more complicated than solution #1. Anyway, the thing is: Cola and baking soda are so-called de-greasers. They’ll work together quite nicely and help remove the odor & stain combo. Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • one cup of laundry detergent or de-greaser. 
  • one 2l bottle of Cola. 
  • one small box of baking soda. 

Once you’ve gathered the ingredients, here’s what you’ll do:

  • first of all, let your diesel-stained clothes soak in warm water & degreaser combo for 2 hrs.
  • next up, you’ll want to drain the water and rinse. Refill the tub (or whatever you’re using) with clean water, 2l of Cola, and baking soda. Use up the whole box of it. Stir until the mix becomes one. 
  • finally, you’ll wanna let the clothes soak for 12-24 hrs. 

Even if it seems a bit complicated and costly, this method is known to work like magic!

Solution #3 (Listerine)

If the last seemed complicated, this one seems absolutely silly, right? Even if that’s so, Listerine’s not to be underestimated! Did you know that firefighters use it to get the smoke outta their clothes? Not to mention it’s a pretty hefty deodorizer, too. Anyway, you can buy it just about everywhere and it’s not that costly.

So, what’s the plan? How does one utilize mouth wash in the battle against diesel stains? Here’s the plan:

  • pour some Listerine into your washing machine after you’ve put in your clothes. 
  • not only will the liquid remove the odor & smell combo… That’s right, it will also clean the inside of your washer. 

This should do it! Seems a bit silly, but goes a long way! Your clothes will be good as new! As if you’ve never spilled any diesel onto them! For some more info on fuel spills, click right here!

Solution #4 (Fast Orange)

If your first thought was of the cult punk band (Agent Orange), raise your hand! Okay, we’ve counted only three of you! Anyway, Fast Orange isn’t a punk band! It’s one of the best products for cleaning diesel fuel stains! You’ll find it at most vehicle supply shops!

Make sure you use the smooth version only! Most folks say this is definitely the easiest way to handle diesel stains! You can just rub it into the stain and stand witness to the magic! 

Okay, so these were some methods you can try out at home! Using regular household products! Also, are you wondering how to get gasoline out of clothes? If so, here are some helpful tips!

Final words

That’s about it on the does-gasoline-fuel-stain-clothes field of knowledge! It sure ain’t a big one, but we’ve added some tips you’ll surely find pretty useful! Anyway, as always, we hope you’ve had some fun reading the text! For more gasoline-fuel-diesel-whatever tips, visit our blog page!