6 gas can storage ideas that work

Out of all gasoline-related topics, the one about storage seems to be the most important one. As you might’ve noticed, here at Gas Answer, there’s an abundance of texts concerned with this issue. Now now, don’t be quick to judge or somethin’. There’s a good reason why that is so.

Wondering what the aforementioned reason might be? It’s safe to guess you already know what it is. That’s right, improper gasoline storage leads to a potential catastrophe. There’s the reason behind our dedication to the issue of safe gasoline storage. In the text you’ll find below, we’ll show you 6 gas can storage ideas that work.

Adding a flammable storage cabinet to your household’s inventory is the way to go. Also, some fuel jug racks will fit nicely in your outdoor storage room. Make sure to clear the place of any home appliances. And how does placing an outdoor shed for storage in your backyard sound? If that sounds good, just make sure it’s well-ventilated. 

That was only a quick preview! Stay tuned to hear what else we’ve got to share with you!

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The importance of proper gasoline storage

Some of our readers already know this. Still, we’ll do a quick recap of the most important gasoline storage tips. Gasoline is highly flammable and can be ignited by the tiniest spark. Even gasoline vapors alone can seriously damage your health. That’s why this topic deserves your utmost attention.

What about those tips?

Oh, alright. Here they are:

  • Check your local and state regulations concerning gasoline storage. Also, make sure you check your homeowner’s insurance policy. It may prohibit storing gasoline over certain amounts.
  • Never store gasoline inside your home. Also, make sure the storage is far away from any heating sources. As we’ve said, even a tiny spark can ignite the gasoline vapors.
  • Make sure your children don’t play around or in the storage. Keep the room locked or talk to your kids about the dangers of gasoline. Gasoline is definitely no child’s play.
  • Keep your gasoline stored only in EPA-approved containers, made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene). Also, keep them out of the path of direct sunlight.
  • If your storage floor is concrete, put a piece of plywood beneath gas containers.
  • Storing gasoline long-term? Make sure you add a bit of fuel stabilizer to it, in order to prolong its shelf life.
  • Never store more than 25 gallons in one room. There’s a good chance your local/state government doesn’t allow storing more.

Now ain’t that a big list or what? That’s that when it comes to the basics. If you’re interested in reading up on more tips about safe gasoline storage, click right here.

Another frequently asked question: Does gasoline go bad while in storage?

Let’s put it simply: yes, it does. Gasoline can spoil while in storage, even under “perfect” conditions. The so-called shelf life of gasoline depends on the type of gas you’re storing. If you’re storing pure gasoline, expect it to last from three to six months. Ethanol-blended gasoline lasts about two to three months. Lastly, adding a fuel stabilizer will prolong the shelf life of your gasoline from one to three years.

When gasoline goes bad, that doesn’t mean it suddenly becomes unusable. It only means that it won’t function using its full potential. The machine you’re running on bad gasoline won’t show its full power.

A can of petrol laying in the grass..

6 gas can storage ideas that work

Alright, that was that for the introduction. Let’s check out those storage ideas everyone’s talking about. We’ll also see if there’s a way to store gasoline outside. Outside meaning: on your property, but out in the open.

Add a flammable storage cabinet to your storage room

This is one of the best ways to store your gasoline (and other flammable substances). Protect your stored substances from other fire hazards by adding a flammable cabinet. You’ll ensure the maximum safety of your storage room. In other words: you’ll ensure the safety of every human being in its surroundings.

There are people that place their flammable storage cabinets outside. Additionally, that’s what some folks remember from their army days. So, yeah, there’s the way to store gasoline outside your home.

What happens to the cabinet if a fire breaks out?

If things go awry and a fire starts, the doors, drawers, and air ducts automatically shut off. Also, the insulation boards help prevent the critical temperature rise inside the cabinet.

Are flammable cabinets expensive?

It depends on how you define expensive. You’ll find flammable cabinets on Amazon priced from $199 up to $2700. The bigger your needs, the bigger the sum you’ll have to cough up. Luckily, you can also find a used one online for a measly price.

Fuel jug racks, anyone?

Another way of cleverly storing gasoline involves installing a fuel jug rack. Your storage area deserves to have it! Now, it’s not as safe as the flammable cabinet, but it does a good job! Also, they’re a way cheaper option.

Fuel jug racks are mostly made from aluminum. As some folks like to say: they’re built to last. You can be sure they will remain a part of your garage inventory for decades to come.

An inventor in his shed, genius at work, etc.

Like working around the house? If you’re up for it, make your own shelves or racks. There are many DIY manuals you can find online. Also, you can use your imagination and take care of the task yourself. Make sure that your DIY rack can support the amount of gasoline you’re planning to store.

Clear the storage room of any home appliances

While this isn’t a neat storage idea per se, it still belongs on the list. It’s more of a necessity.

Why should you do this?

We’ve already mentioned how dangerous gasoline fumes are. Even the smallest little spark can ignite them. That’s why you should eliminate any home appliances from your storage room. If that’s not possible, make sure they’re a good distance away from your cans.

Home appliances like refrigerators can produce sparks or static electricity. That’s enough for a fire to say: Alright, almost there. 

An outdoor shed

This is what most folks do when they want to store gasoline in the proper manner. An outdoor shed is an ideal place your gasoline should reside.

Well, I have a shed right next to my…

You need to make sure the shed is not attached to the building you’re living in. It should be at least 50 feet away from your living quarters. If that’s not doable, place your shed at the furthest distance away from any object people live in. Lastly, you might want to remove any flammable material or vegetation close to the shed.

The storage room/shed needs to be well-ventilated

As one can assume, the place where people keep gasoline needs to have a good ventilating system. Still, you can’t really install anything electric. Adding wall vents or windows to your shed should be your priority.

Speaking of vents, do gasoline containers have them?

It’s good you asked. In 2009, Environmental Protection Agency banned gas cans that came with separate vents. We’ve written about the issue in this article. Check it out if you’re interested. It’s quite a popular topic among folks curious about gasoline storage.

Keep other hazardous substances in your gasoline storage

We’ll be quick here. Last but not the least, we’ve got this one. You should use your gasoline storage to keep other hazardous substances. Why should you place them anywhere else when you can do this? You’ll eliminate a few problems using only one solution.

6 (outdoor) gas can storage ideas – a quick summary of the text

As you might’ve noticed, here at Gas Answer we like to summarize near the article’s end. That’s exactly what we’ll do now. So, what have we learned today? Or, to phrase it differently: what are the 6 (outdoor) gas can storage ideas?

  • Obtain a flammable storage cabinet. The best way to ensure the safety of your storage room. You can even keep it outdoors.
  • Add some fuel jar racks to your outdoor garage/shed walls. You’ll clear out some much-needed space for other things you want to store.
  • Make sure there aren’t any home appliances in your outdoor storage room. Even a tiny spark mixed with gasoline fumes can lead to a total catastrophe.
  • Placing an outdoor shed at least 50 feet away from any living quarters is the way to go. That way you’ll ensure the safety of your family and neighbors.
  • Add some wall vents or windows to your outdoor storage room. A natural ventilation system is better than an artificial (electric) one.
  • Keep other hazardous substances in your gasoline storage. Of course, not the ones that can ignite the fumes.

Alright, that’s that. We hope you’ve enjoyed this one! Until next time, stay safe!

PS. For more tips on gasoline safety, make sure you visit this page.